My Practice

I welcome the opportunity to briefly present my practice areas and expertise and give a short information about what sort of legal work I can offer to my potential Clients.

I am primarily specialized in commercial law, corporate and financial law, as well as legal advice, representation, and the development of contractual legal solutions for the transactions of private Clients.

I have nearly 40 years of experience in conducting commercial legal transactions. I have been representing international companies since 1986 and have been active in the field of international business and through these years, I have acquired my comprehensive knowledge and practical experience. This is how I have learned over the nearly 40 years to focus on legal, financial and accounting priorities while serving Clients in achieving their business plans and goals.

I am proud of the fact that in 1991, I won the Clifford Chance, London, Business Law scholarship for Hungary, and as part of this, I spent a 6-month training at the University College London.

I have a high level of English language skills in negotiation and drafting of legal documentation. I am a cooperative partner with excellent organizational, communication and executive abilities in teamwork.

The technical background of my legal work -among other things -, is my high-level computer skills.

I provide constant availability by mobile phone, and I undertake to work within a short deadline when performing specific tasks.

My basic principle is to offer my Clients customized and comprehensive legal solutions at competitive attorney's fees based on a complex approach to individual legal cases - in which I have substantial experience in the following business and legal areas.

The general areas of corporate business

Based on the previous 18 years of experience as a legal consultant, I gained practical experience in the following areas: 

  • internal corporate operations and administration and organizational restructuring

  • HR management (5 years experience as head of HR)

  • supporting the preparation of large transactions

  • participation in multinational senior management business negotiations, and providing legal and/or management support

  • banking/financial legal consultancy (8 years of experience)

  • legal support in mobile telecommunications (10 years of experience)

  • remedial management (handling of insolvency proceedings)

Corporate Law

Based on my 18 years of  practice as a legal counsel and almost 20 years of experience as a private practitioner, I gained practical experience in the field of handling corporate legal matters. You can read further details under the menu item of  Professional Activities.

I have substantial experience in handling conflicts and complex legal cases - whenever possible, I try to settle the legal disputes through compromise (out of court settlements) and avoid litigation.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is a very comprehensive field of law, which includes legal services in preparation of commercial contracts related to production, distribution and all sales areas and the resolution of related legal issues. I carry out my work by taking into account the needs and business conditions of my Clients, their already established internal business regulations, and understanding their business expectations and goals. I tailor the general contractual terms and conditions, applying civil law, consumer protection law, competition law and advertising law terms and regulations to formulate additional requirements.

If required by my Clients, I am available for providing due diligence services regarding the legal and financing status of Hungarian companies. During the years spent as an in-house legal counsel in international and domestic banking sector, I have been in contact with professionals with 40 years of experience in many areas of banking operations. Within this field, we have successfully completed several assignments in cooperation with these specialists, where the task was to coordinate the authorization process of start-up financial enterprises and prepare specific regulations. In other projects, we participated in reviewing the operation of financial institutions with the relevant specialists in order to ensure legal compliance.


IT is one of the most dynamically developing fields of law, which has recently been associated with media law in the broad sense, and has become part of commercial law with the significant development of e-commerce. IT means the basis for the operation and communications of companies, providing planning and controlling functions to the management as an essential tool in the field of corporate governance.

Corporate Law

I have extensive experience in solving company law issues, in preparing essential and important corporate decisions and developing related contractual terms and conditions.

Legal services for Private Clients

I also provide legal services and represent Private Clients in many areas of civil law, which includes, real estate law, family and inheritance law, as well as the areas of contract law and debt collection. I also represent my Private Clients in litigation and non-litigation cases

Legal Fees

Due to the restrictive regulations of the Hungarian Bar of Association's Code of Ethics - I cannot publish specific information on the amount of attorney's fees I apply, but at the same time it is useful to summarize my basic principles regarding the fee schedule.

I flexibly adapt to the needs of my clients when setting up the fees, so I basically recommend two fee structures or, at their request, create the applicable fee schedule from a combination of them. My remuneration is based on an hourly rate or a project-based settlement. I can make a specific price offer based on the specific needs of my customers.

In the case of project-based remuneration, based on foreseeable assumptions, we set an upper limit in addition to the hourly rate, which makes it possible for the Client to plan legal costs. In the case of project-based remuneration, we take into account the conditions, foreseeable circumstances and assumed duration of the given transaction, as well as the necessary expertise.


In the absence of a different agreement with my Cleints - is done monthly, in arrears. We attach an itemized statement of the work performed, which is the basis of the invoicing, indicating the work performed and the hours spent. In all cases, the remuneration includes costs related to office work and travel costs in Budapest, but does not include general sales tax. Any trip outside of Budapest.

Contact us and we would be pleased to offer high level of legal services and deliver professional legal solutions. I look forward to your respectful inquiry.